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Airbnb Lodging for SEIU-UHW Members

We’ve formed a partnership with Airbnb to provide a limited number of SEIU-UHW members in good standing no-cost lodgings so we can self-isolate between shifts to protect our loved ones from exposure to infection. 

To qualify for this Airbnb Open House Program you must be (1) 18 years of age; (2) able to live independently without supervision or assistance; (3) able and willing to pay for your basic nutritional, medical, and other needs during your stay.

Eligible guests include any healthcare workers who are actively providing care for COVID-19 patients, have not contracted COVID-19, and who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Personally choosing to voluntarily distance yourself from family and friends
  • Working in extended shifts and requiring housing in close proximity to your workplace
  • Providing assistance in a location that is not in the same vicinity of your habitual residence.

Our SEIU-UHW Temporary Housing Committee will review applications as they come in and will make a decision as soon as possible. You will then receive an email notification along with further instructions.

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The information provided about the Airbnb Open House Program is for informational purposes only. Airbnb is independently offering SEIU-UHW members who are servicing COVID-19 patients the opportunity to participate in the Airbnb Open House program. Participation is strictly voluntary and SEIU-UHW is not a party to any rental agreement/reservation. SEIU-UHW does not make any representations or warranties regarding any aspect of the Airbnb Open House program including, but not limited to, the selection of Host’s premises and properties or the condition or cleanliness of the properties offered by Airbnb’s Hosts to SEIU-UHW members. All questions and complaints concerning reservations through the Airbnb Open House program should be directed to the Airbnb Customer on their portal.