National Bargaining is back on...
Now the REAL Fight Begins

National Bargaining is on, and the 85,000 members of our Coalition of KP Unions are facing our toughest fight in decades. The futures of our patients, our families, and Kaiser are at stake.

Here’s what you need to know as we head to the bargaining table.

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What has happened?

Kaiser has agreed to resume National Bargaining without pre-conditions. This is the result of our actions in facilities across the state, our political pressure, and our legal challenges to Kaiser's refusal to bargain.

We fought hard to get here, but the REAL fight starts now. To win a great contract we need to be 100% united behind our bargaining team — and to show that unity and power every day in our facilities.


When does bargaining start?

Bargaining starts April 17-18 in Oakland. Here are the bargaining sessions that have been scheduled:

April 17-18
May 14-16
May 28-29
June 17-19
July 8-12


What's at stake? 

The futures of our patients, our families, and Kaiser Permanente. 

Kaiser executives want a future where corporate profits are the top priority. They are pushing hard to raise our healthcare copays, lower our raises, outsource and automate our jobs, and stop us from speaking out for our patients. 

We’re fighting for a future where affordable, compassionate patient care and good healthcare jobs come first. That's the Kaiser we once knew, but Kaiser has lost its way. Now it’s up to us to get them back on track by winning a contract that protects our families and our patients.


What are our bargaining priorities?

We are committed to a new National Agreement that:

  • Wins raises that respect our work and reflect Kaiser’s financial success

  • Protects all our benefits, including our fully-paid family healthcare and retirement benefits  

  • Defends equal pay for equal work by stopping Kaiser from paying lower wage rates to workers in Sacramento and the Central Valley

  • Stops Kaiser’s relentless push to outsource and automate our jobs

  • Builds the healthcare workforce of the future by providing Kaiser workers opportunities to upgrade our skills and offering our families and community members a pathway to good jobs at Kaiser

  • Rebuilds the Labor-Management Partnership so that it is equitable, respectful, and transparent


Now that we’re going back to bargaining, what happens to the U.S. government’s charges against Kaiser for refusing to bargain and trying to force a gag order on us? 

We are pursuing our case. Kaiser will try to get out of the charges by saying they are now bargaining with us. But Kaiser broke the law and we will ensure that Kaiser executives are held accountable. The hearing is scheduled for April 22.


What can I do to help win a strong contract that protects our families, our patients, and the future of Kaiser?

Stay united behind our bargaining team and show it! All of us need to commit to taking action: picketing, stickering-up, marching on the boss, and even going on strike if that’s what it takes for us to win a contract that delivers on all our bargaining priorities.