Update: Round Two – 2019 Kaiser National Bargaining


As News of Record Kaiser Profits Breaks, We’re Standing Stronger than Ever for a Great Contract

We walked into bargaining this week just after news broke that Kaiser Permanente made profits of $3.2 billion in just the first three months of this year — a new record! 

The atmosphere in bargaining was charged. While our first round laid the groundwork for negotiations, this second round was about getting to work, sitting down across the table from Kaiser executives, and talking openly and honestly about our jobs, our patients, and our futures. 

We want you to know we were united in our message from day one: “Kaiser isn’t taking our stuff!”


Our Wages, Benefits, and Job Security are ON THE LINE

So far, Kaiser executives aren’t willing to commit to working in real partnership with our 85,000-member union coalition so everyone at Kaiser can thrive. 

Despite record profits, Kaiser still seems dead-set on takeaways: lowering our raises, increasing our healthcare copays, converting our pensions to risky 401k plans, and outsourcing our jobs to pay other workers less. 

We made it clear we helped build Kaiser’s record profits — and we’ll fight to win our fair share of those profits in our next National Agreement. 


The Bottom Line: Our Pickets are HUGE

Kaiser’s push for takeaways and reluctance to embrace real partnership are EXACTLY why we must show up in huge numbers at our pickets. Kaiser needs to see that we’re fully committed in every facility to protecting our patients, jobs, wages, and benefits in our next contract.

So purple up, show up, and speak up — the futures of our families and our patients depend on it! 

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