UPDATE: Round Four – 2019 Kaiser National Bargaining

Read our Bargaining Team's Call to Action for a strike vote of all SEIU-UHW members. 

Kaiser Execs Predict Financial Doom and Gloom — Then Demand Cuts, Cuts, Cuts

Kaiser opened up the latest round of bargaining with a proposal more hypocritical and anti-worker than any since the Partnership began 22 years ago.

We all know that Kaiser has been making record profits — but they opened this session complaining that “hard times” are ahead for the company. They then delivered a shameful contract proposal that demands major cuts from us, including:

  • Copay increases to $20

  • More outsourcing and automation of our jobs

  • Lower pay, elimination of pensions, less time off — starting with new hires, then we’d be next

Local Bargaining: Kaiser Doubles Down on Outsourcing 

Kaiser's most vicious attacks on our jobs came in bargaining over our local agreement. Kaiser executives proudly announced that outsourcing is the company's future. They made it clear that the pending elimination of hundreds of warehouse workers and the relocation of 1,000 call center workers for far lower wages is just the start — they're dead-set on a contract that lets them gut more and more of our job classes.

Our Bargaining Team Tells Kaiser, ”HELL NO!”

Our SEIU-UHW Bargaining Team listened in disbelief as Kaiser executives made these demands — and then we unleashed our full outrage and told them the truth about what their proposals really mean:

“These cuts would leave me and my kids out in the cold. I’ve been a Kaiser employee for 19 years — and you just slapped me in the face.”  - Shavonda Waller, Kaiser LAMC

“This proposal is all about money over patients. But we will not let you tear down the Kaiser we love.”  - Savonnda Blaylock, Kaiser Tracy

“We will call a nationwide strike if Kaiser keeps this up. We are 85,000 strong — and we do NOT back down.”   - Donna Norton, Kaiser Vacaville


Just after this round of bargaining ended, our Bargaining Team unanimously passed this Call to Action for a strike vote of all SEIU-UHW members. This is the first step towards a strike. In July and August, all of us will vote to authorize the bargaining team to call a strike — and then in October we'll go on strike, if that’s what it takes to protect our jobs, wages, and benefits from Kaiser’s greed and hypocrisy.  

Join a Strike Readiness Event at your facility to make sure you understand how we win this fight for our families and the future of Kaiser. Talk to your SEIU-UHW leader to learn more. 


In Unity,  

SEIU-UHW Kaiser National Bargaining Team