UPDATE: Round Five – 2019 Kaiser National Bargaining


Kaiser’s Bad Faith Bargaining and Greed Upend Our Next Contract 

For the first time in the history of our Labor Management Partnership with Kaiser Permanente, our final scheduled bargaining session ended without an agreement. Kaiser demanded massive cuts — and our Bargaining Team rejected every one of them, including:

  • Copay increases up to $20

  • More outsourcing and automation of our jobs

  • Lower wage rates, elimination of pensions, less time off — starting with new hires, then we’d be next

Kaiser recently unveiled plans for a new $900 million luxury corporate headquarters, announced a $295 million publicity scheme to sponsor a sports arena, and made record profits of $3.2 billion in the first three months of this year. 

But when it comes to investing in us, the workforce that makes our patients and company thrive, Kaiser executives complain about “tough financial times ahead” so they can come after our jobs, wages, and benefits, and refuse to bargain in good faith. 



Kaiser’s actions make it clear: Going on strike is likely what it will take to stop Kaiser’s unfair labor practices and win a contract that protects our futures:

“I don’t want to go on strike — but Kaiser is giving us no choice. I’d be betraying my family and my patients if I sign off on their horrible cuts. I refuse!”  – Sonya Allen-Smith, Kaiser 1950 Franklin

“I love Kaiser, and I will fight to bring back the Kaiser that cared about its patients and workers. If that means going on strike, I’m ALL IN!”  – Adriana Barragan, Kaiser LA Regional



Last month our Bargaining Team unanimously called for a strike vote of all SEIU-UHW members. This month our Steward Councils at each Kaiser facility statewide have been voting overwhelmingly to support a strike. Now it’s our turn.

For two weeks starting on July 29, SEIU-UHW members at all Kaiser facilities will vote to authorize our Bargaining Team to call a strike if that’s what it will take to stop Kaiser’s unfair labor practices and win a contract that protects our patients and our families. Talk to your SEIU-UHW leader to learn more about the strike vote at your facility.

Our Bargaining Team strongly recommends that all members vote YES to authorize the strike. Our futures and the future of Kaiser depend on it!

Click here for the Strike Vote Schedules. 

Questions about going on strike? Click here to read our Strike Fact Sheet.

In Unity,  

SEIU-UHW Kaiser National Bargaining Team