We're Rocking Our Strike Votes Statewide

Let's ALL Vote YES for Our Families & Patients — Find out where and when YOU will vote YES!


Strike Vote, Week 1: We Will NOT Back Down

Since our strike vote started on July 29, Kaiser has illegally tried to shut us down in an effort to continue their unfair labor practices and prevent us from standing up for our families and patients.

They’ve closed the cafeterias where our votes are scheduled. They’ve tried to bully us away from the ballot box. They even tried to bar the media from reporting on our election. 

But we’ve stood united and defiant — and voted YES statewide! We know that going on strike may be the only way to stop Kaiser from bargaining in bad faith and to win a contract that protects our jobs, wages, and benefits. 

So all across the state, we’ve rejected Kaiser’s illegal efforts to silence and suppress us by turning out in record numbers to vote YES to support a strike.


Who's at MAJORITY?

The MAJORITY of members at these Kaiser facilities have already voted!: Alameda MOB, Fairfield, Livermore Distribution Center, Milpitas, Napa, Petaluma, San Rafael, San Ramon, Stockton, and Tracy.

Now let's rock the vote at EVERY facility by coming out, voting YES, and calling on all our coworkers to join us!


Let's Finish Strong!

Strike voting ends soon — and the stronger our final YES vote tally, the stronger our contract will be.

If Kaiser sees that few of our coworkers are committed to striking to protest their unfair labor practices, Kaiser will get what they want — cuts to our jobs, benefits, and wage rates.

If we have a huge turnout of members voting YES, then we’ll have the power to win a strong contract that protects all our stuff.

So let’s make sure we ALL cast our YES votes. Our futures depend on it!

Click here to find out where and when YOU will vote YES!