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Why Should I Join a Union?

Joining a union will give you a voice in your workplace. Without representation, the employer can change wages, benefits and work conditions without listening to the workers. Forming a union will ensure that workers have the power to bargain for a fair contract and the strength to protect that contract.

Here are five good reasons to join your coworkers in forming a union:

  • Working together, union members have the strength to win better wages, affordable health care, a secure retirement, and safer workplaces.
  • The "union advantage" is substantial. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, union members are much more likely to have health benefits and pensions.
  • For people of color and women workers, the union impact is even greater. Women workers who are union members earn nearly $9,000 a year more than their non-union counterparts. For African-American workers, the union differential is also about $9,000, and for Latino workers the yearly advantage is more than $11,000.
  • In addition to helping workers win better wages and benefits, unions help all workers by giving working families a stronger voice in our communities and in the political arena.
  • By joining together, we can build the strength to hold elected officials accountable to working people and win improvements such as affordable, quality health care for all.

What Can I Do to Join SEIU-UHW?

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