SEIU-UHW is a union of over 100,000 healthcare workers across California. These workers have been through a lot over the last couple of years, but wealthy hospitals like Cedars refuses to recognize the risks they took and the sacrifices they made. We need your help to change that. Read more about what's going on at Cedars.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center caters to LA’s rich and famous, but they continue to put profits and executive pay before patient care:

  • The hospital made more than $1 BILLION in profits in 2021 - a 222% increase!
  • Cedars paid CEO Tom Priselac more than $5.6 million last year.
  • Worker wages at Cedars have stagnated. Some make as little as 45,000/year as inflation soars to 8.4% in LA
  • 68% of surveyed workers say their workload has significantly increased, and report increased patient falls, worker injuries, and delays in treatment due to short staffing.

I call upon Cedars-Sinai to do the right thing. Increase staffing, improve patient and worker safety, and invest in the workers who take care of Cedars patients every day.