At a time when frontline healthcare workers are leaving the field at record rates, and amidst persistent challenges to ensure safe staffing and working conditions, it is particularly disconcerting that Prime Healthcare terminated nine experienced healthcare workers with deep roots in the community they serve.

Each of them has served at tremendous personal sacrifice and risk to their own health throughout an unprecedented global pandemic. In addition to being excellent frontline healthcare workers, each of them is a member leader of their unions’ contract bargaining team. As such, we believe they were illegally targeted by management in order to scare other frontline healthcare workers, silencing them from speaking out.

Firing experienced healthcare workers who bravely speak out about their working conditions and patient care concerns during a global pandemic is both irresponsible and a great disservice to the safety of workers and patients in this community.

Sign this petition, stand in solidarity with the nine healthcare workers at St. Francis Medical Center and call upon Prime Healthcare to immediately reverse the illegal termination and reinstate them to their previous positions. This fight requires all of our support!