Let’s flex our political muscle online and urge our governor to sign the Healthcare and Essential Workers Protection Act (SB275).

Share a photo of yourself as a selfie or standing with your mask and uniform on Facebook, Instagram, and/ or Twitter with this message:

Our state and employers weren’t ready for COVID-19, but now we have a chance to change that for the future. Sign #SB275 @GavinNewsom, so California and healthcare employers will be ready before the next emergency. #GetMePPE

What if I don't want to share a photo of myself?
Download this graphic to your phone or computer, and upload to your social media account instead. 

Tips to follow

  • Be sure to include the following hashtags: #GetMePPE #SB275
  • Make sure your post is PUBLIC
  • Share a screenshot of your post with your E-Board member

Facebook instructions and example.

Twitter instructions and example. 

Instagram instructions and example.

Instructions and example for all platforms.

Las instrucciones en español se pueden encontrar aquí.